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The fact that this year Easter is on 4/20 just makes this pic even better!


The fact that this year Easter is on 4/20 just makes this pic even better!

I love your wicked heart
It’s such a work of art

The world would be better off if you deleted your blog.

Ich hatte eigentlich vor heute noch zu streamen, doch dann fand ich Das kleine Arschloch als kompletten film auf youtube.

Zeit für ein bisschen kultur

I think right now is a great opportunity to exercise your control over your immediate environment and separate yourself from the (easily avoidable) things that make you angry on this website. Whether that means adding SJ stuff to Tumblr Savior, unfollowing blogs that post it, asking friends to tag it, whatever. You're getting angry very frequently at things you could easily avoid, and you don't need that kind of shit in your life.

I have so much social justice on my dash and i’m already avoiding it as much as i can.

but if i see something so utterly stupid that it makes my dead grandma turn around in her grave, i just have to comment on it. Same thing when a friend or someone i know gets shit for posting something that was actually ment to be positive, but some tumblr asswhistler twists it around and makes it sound like my friend is racist, sexist or some other -ist, i just get so angry and have to act.

It’s really frustrating. I’m trying to tone it down a little bit. I wanna enjoy the rest of my vacation

Help me Wario! My college history professor is trying to teach us that reverse racism is real. Everyone is agreeing with her and in drowning in whiny racists.




Tell her to leave the classroom. When she says “you can’t tell me to do anything, I’m the teacher” respond “Exactly, I don’t have the institutional power to make those words mean something, only you do.”

Thank you so much, this is so perfect! I’ve been trying to explain the ridiculousness of ‘reverse racism’ to my friends and none of them seem to get it, hopefully this will prove enlightening

Racism has nothing to do with institutional power. It is simply the belief that one race is superior to another. There are racists of every race. And it’s not “reverse” racism, it’s just racism. To claim otherwise is to claim that even calling for the extermination of the white race is somehow not racist.




flikkerlicht replied to your post
It’s funny that men technically have less equality in rights but feminists still think they’re oppressed because someone calls them a slut
Everyone’s just super whiny and annoying

Omg that guy from the Netherlands is a fucking MRA everyone

And no one is surprised

racist cishet white mra brony that threatens self harm to try and get out of being responsible for what he says and compares “sjws” to nazis and the kkk.

Flikkerlicht is neither cis, racists nor an mra. They knew what would happen when they posted these pictures, but they didn’t expect that the hate they would get, would be this enormous.

They were overwhelmed by people who were just so full of themselves and can’t handle that someone might not have the same views as them. 

Don’t just assume things about that person just by reading one or two posts of their blog. You have no idea who they are.

Why am i always eating whenever a watch the new episode of hannibal.

I cannot fucking learn from my mistakes


The #forestnymph still hasn’t found his berries :/ But he made friends :D by Gio Volpe